Project: Unity of Self Marriage of the Inner and Outer Goddess and God.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Project: Unity of Self Marriage of the Inner and Outer Goddess and God.

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To My Dear Friends and Spirit Family,

Several years ago at one of the events I attended, I sat in circle with several of my spiritual sisters around me. While sitting there in the conversation of spirit mates came up and that whole vast subject surrounding the phenomena that we have all in our own unique way become familiar with. It was while sitting there during the very short versions of the stories the ladies were telling me, that I realized I wish to hear more about their experiences in greater detail.

In that short window of spiritual communion with my sisters, a dream awoke within me to bring those stories into greater public awareness in a way that respected the dignity and honored the sacredness of the experiences.
I not only wanted to hear those stories in great detail, but I also felt strongly compelled by the idea that there are probably many people in the world that could benefit greatly by the mirrors reflected in the imagery and the power and passion that stories such as this could contain. So I’ve spent the last two years, sitting with it, thinking about it, and dreaming it.  So now, after a wonderful opportunity presented itself to me, I disclosed my vision and ambitions to one of my sisters in that circle.
Just a short while ago in Philadelphia, she and I had an opportunity to sit down with her partner and I shared the story of this idea and how it came to be alive within me. I told her how I wanted to write a book compiling the stories of around 20 men and women from our circle of graduated, ministers that have gone through the marriage ceremony. From her enthusiastic support and instant willingness to participate and dedicate her stories to this project, I have decided to go ahead and formulate a proposal that I am going to release to our community.
I realize that these experiences are exceptionally personal and no person reading them is going to fully understand what you as individuals went through to find and marry your inner Goddess and God, (Spirit Mate). If after reading this proposal, you are interested in participating, feel free to contact me at the phone number or email listed at the bottom of this document. Also feel free to forward this proposal to any one you know who’s has had similar experiences in their lives.
That said, I know that for some it is a lot to ask. This project is being offered openly with the greatest respect and gratitude for courage shown for those who are interested. My intent is to explore this important part of our ancient human experience. Because Self Marriage has had a tremendous effect on my life, I envision a more expansive public debate and conversation about the internal unity of male and female archetypes inside the human soul. Conversations such as this seem to be a rare occurrence and may help to heal our world in amazing ways.
As I mentioned above I want to write a book compiling the intensely sacred and important stories of around 20 women and men that describes the circumstances, write college essays for money cheap essays proofreading website for phd rise of fascism in japan essay go to link master thesis topics in international business see url go thesis used essay follow crestor tablets availability watch my sweet home essay writing college admissions essays help dissertation on retail industry celtipharm viagra alternative follow url go to link source site 24h tore professional cover letter writers sites au enter recycling thesis topics academic paper writing service ielts academic writing task 2 band 9 ohio links thesis ask propecia the crackhead contoh tesis tentang keuangan daerah being a teenager is hard essay magic, power, and healing surrounding their self marriage with their internal male or female counterpart. For those of you that have had this kind of experience I ask only that you spend some time with the questions I have proposed and will propose in this letter. Don’t rush to an answer, take your time. Think about this part of ourselves, this part we have referred to as (Spirit Mate) and what that means to you. How does knowing this alternate reality, affect your life? How may it benefit others who will be and are searching, maybe without realizing it, to answer questions they have had sleeping within themselves for many years. We as a community may be able to help them find words for those unspoken feelings, and in finding a way to see their own depths they may better realize the sacredness of their own souls and it unrealized vast potential.
I know most of you have looked at this quite a lot. However, it seems prudent to cover some thought points about the topic. In most cases if we are male in body our inner goddess (Spirit Mate) is a female. If we are female in body our inner god (Spirit Mate) is male. There may be variations on this rule, so be open minded.

The underlying principle is that when we come into unity with that other part of ourselves we move into relative balance.
The stories are going to be broken up into two main parts.

Part 1:

The first part of the story will be an introduction into the life and experience of the storyteller, that describes who he or she is and where they come from in their life. This first portion of the story need not be long and it certainly doesn’t need to be a 120 page biography. What I would like to see is a relatively concise honest bio of where the storyteller has come from in their life and where they are at this point in time. Obviously as the storyteller, you would have the right to choose how much you want to share and what is appropriate for you. Remember, there are only going to be so many pages in this book so be concise. Also as the story teller you have the option of limiting personal info if you wish. Your privacy is sacred to me and I won’t ask you to disclose anything you chose not to.

A.      Along with this first section after the introduction of the storyteller, and their life. Then they will begin to move into telling the story of how they came to be aware of the reality surrounding the experience of the Spirit Mate in their lives.

B.      Let me go into a little bit more detail about how I would like this to look. You will be essentially telling the story from the perspective of your physical self, whether you are male or female. If you are male, you will be telling the perspective from your male energy, the male half of your spirit mate which is your physical embodiment of your body. If you are female, you will be telling the story from the perspective of your female physical self, which is the female physical embodiment of your body. To explain this, a little bit more simply. You are going to be telling the story from the perspective of what you remember occurring in this physical incarnation, whether it be, from dreams, visions or meditations. How did your spirit mate reveal him or herself to you? What do they look like? How did they make you feel when you first came into contact with him or her? Do they have a name? How do they feel to you? How do they teach you? How has this internal relationship grown over time? Is your spirit mate different from the basic description I laid out above? Do they reveal themselves to you in a way that is neither male nor female? Tell the reader any other relevant information so that they can best relate to your experience if at all possible.
C.      One point to consider, as you go about formulating your story. Each and every person who encounters this experience will do so in a way that is completely and totally unique to that individual and their spiritual path. No two peoples’ stories are ever going to be the same and unfold in a predictable manner that follows and falls within expectations. I anticipate that the unexpected will occur in the stories, and that I will hear things about the spirit mate relationship that I have never encountered before. And this is exactly what I’m hoping will happen.
D.      It seems prudent to mention now. If you wish to use terminology that is different than (Spirit Mate) feel free to do. I ask only that you provide a clear explanation of what the words mean to you.
E.       Lastly for this first section, part 1, I want to remind all of you of something that I’m sure you already know. But I just want to put it into clear terms, and reiterate it so that all of my i’s, are dotted and t’s crossed. One of the universal principles behind the Self Marriage or Unity of Self Marriage of the Inner and Outer Goddess & God experience, as I have learned it, is that our inner Goddess or God will formulate itself into a form that reflects our essence, our truth and balances us spiritually so that we may grow and mature, fully, as spiritual beings.
F.         One of the components of good story telling is to incorporate the five basic senses. Taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight. Being that this is a shamans tale also consider how you may include the sixth sense of inner experience, ie intuition, instinct or other variations of this.
Part 2:

Part two of the story gets into a bit more of unknown territory.

In part two. You are going to tell the story from the perspective of your Inner Goddess or God. Your job as the storyteller and the writer is to put their voice on paper. I want you to tell the story of their history, their past, their dreams, their hopes, their sorrows and their vision of what they hope you as the physical embodiment of themselves will learn and do in your lifetime. Tell us about what they have learned from you. Tell us about the love they have for you. Be creative, be adventurous, and take some risks. Trust yourself and be honest.
The basic outline, as I described it above is what I’m looking for, however, as the storyteller I want you to feel free to take whatever creative license you wish. So long as the basic outline and its expectations are met. I’m asking you to follow this outline for the purpose of easing the readers ability to connect with and learn from the sacredness of your experience. Please remember there may likely be many people encountering this book that have very little foundation or background with this type of experience.
As the writer it is our responsibility to choose our words in a way that allows the story to be approachable for the reader. If at any point in your story at the beginning or the end or even in the middle you wish to incorporate poetry, feel free to do so. I adore poetry. I enjoy it so very much and I like to incorporate it in many of the pieces that I write. But I leave that option up to you.

So now that I’ve explained that there’s going to be a part one and part two of each person’s story from the perspective of not only their physical selves, but also the perspective of their Inner Goddess & God. I also want to give you an idea of how long it should be. As the writer, I am hoping that you may be able to limit the length of the stories that you tell to 12 standard 8 x 11 pages. If you can do it in less that would also be acceptable and much appreciated because it will help to limit the size of the book. But if you must tell a small bit more do so and remember if I have questions or I need revisions done I will bring this up to you once your contribution is submitted.

As the author of the book, I also, will be contributing a part one and part two of my own experiences surrounding my own self marriage and how she has affected my life. I will also be telling the story that my inner goddess has to tell from her perspective.
As the facilitator of the project, I am hoping to receive a balanced number of submissions from both men and women that have gone to the marriage ceremony. Please email them to me in a windows format. Just so that I’m clear all persons wishing to contribute to this project may do so.
Obviously with any publication that has submissions from multiple independent sources. There may be a necessity for me, as the author and my editing crew to correct punctuation, spelling errors or grammatical errors that may have occurred prior to the material being sent to me. I am making a clear commitment to the courage and generosity of the contributors. I will do my best to keep the content of your submissions as verbatim as possible. It is not my intention. Nor is it my wish to alter your words and the intent of your story in any way.
I ask that you refrain from using copyrighted material unless you provide written permission from the author or the author’s representatives. If I do not get this documentation I will not be able to use that portion of your submission. I may have to request that the submitter clarify or adjust areas of their story. If there should be any issues with the way the words flow and read for the reader.
As with any publication project of this type, there is always a certain degree of back-and-forth co-creation that occurs in a publication of this form. Thank you for understanding, thank you for your interest, and if you do submit a contribution, thank you so very much from the depths of my heart for helping me to bring this dream into reality and manifestation. I am certain that each and every one of the stories that goes into the final publication, will without a doubt, be absolutely remarkable. I am confident that they will contribute to the inspiration and growth of countless spiritual beings that are looking to find words wisdom or experience from kindred spirits.
If you want to talk to me directly about this project and have question, don’t hesitate to call or email me.
Unity of Self, or Self Marriage is a marriage by a person to himself or herself resulting in the unity of the male and female aspects of a soul. Self-Marriage is a commitment to radically honor, value, and practice self-love and self-compassion for all the parts of ourselves in order to live a better life and help minimize the collective suffering of the world, one human experience at a time. It may become a social movement and or a daily practice acknowledging that we are in a relationship with ourselves, first and foremost. It is based on the question “if you were in a relationship with someone who treated you the way you treat yourself, would you choose to stay in this relationship?”

Self-Marriage has four components:
1.Becoming your own lover, best friend, and parent/child
2.Connecting with and committing to your deeper purpose
3.Uniting all the contradictory and conflicting aspects of yourself
4.Harmonizing your external relationships and circumstances

The paramount challenge of our age and for our species survival is distilled with the following words. The next step in our collective human evolution is the necessity for balancing the male and female aspects within ourselves first and then in the world around us. If we fail to do so there will be no future to pass to our decedents because we will be extinct.

–Anthony P Pauly Jr, Jan 2013
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