Order 2020 Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies

Order Your 2020 Nucleus Colonies ASAP Before Supplies Run Out. Available Second Week of May.

2020 Nucleus Colonies Full Payment + 5% Processing fee. $194.25

2020 Nucleus Colonies 50% deposit + 5% Processing fee. $89.25

2020 5 Frame med Nucleus Colony

Save processing fees pay with a check by Snail Mail, email me for my mailing address. theshamanstouch@yahoo.com  802-324-5769

Orders are not confirmed until payment is received.

My numbers are on track and I have a bit more leeway as far as the number of nucs I have available for sale. The queens have been carefully selected for for hygienic anti veroa mite resistance. These are five frame honey bee nucleus colonies that come with a sturdy weather resistant corrugated plastic nuc box. No exchanges on boxes or frames.

Pick up times will be weather dependent, but I anticipate that they should be ready and inspected by the state bee inspector by the beginning of May 2020. I will notify all customers the exact dates when we get closer.

honey bee nucleus colonies
honey bee nucleus colonies
honey bee nucleus colonies
honey bee nucleus colonies

Pic up location is outside Bellingham WA. For the safety of my apiary the address will be provided directly to buyers after they place their order.

All Sales are final. No refunds will be issued once sale is completed unless as the seller I am unable to provide a 5 Frame Nuc box as ordered. For local pick up only.

By placing your order you acknowledge that you as the customer will be required to inspect the nuc box on the day it is picked up. You also acknowledge that any negligence on your part while handling the bees during inspection or in their care after they leave the premises or delivery site of the seller, nullifies the seller of any financial responsibility. As The seller, if the queen bee fails within the first 7 days I will replace the queen with a healthy queen free of charge. Documentation is required.

I have been beekeeping since 2010. I came across my first feral hive in June of that year living in the wall of a barn. It was a new hive and I was able to extract it and house it in a proper hive. I discovered the hive less than 24 hours after seeing the documentary Queen of The Sun with a friend of mine. I know a synchronicity when I experience one and I was was hooked there and then.

The rest is history. I have been slowly building my business and learning new skills ever since. I am thrilled and honored to begin selling starter hives to new or old beekeeping enthusiasts.

Please, for all of you new beekeepers take my advice.

For the well being of the Honey Bees in your care, take seriously the sacred responsibility of this endeavor.

Training with an experienced beekeeper is wisest decision you can make.

Good training can save the lives of your hives and reduce the heart ache of unnecessarily lost hives.

I do offer season long apprenticeship programs. Please consider signing up. I would be delighted to work with you.

However if not me, work with someone else.

Thank you,


And Bee Well…