Massage Therapy Treatments

Hot Stones Ready for a Treatment.

Massage Therapy Treatments

Swedish Massage – $70 Per Hour.

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Hot Stone Massage – Deep Tissue Massage – Thai Yoga Massage – Cranial Sacral Therapy – Myofascial Release Therapy – $70 per Hour.

Appointments can be, 1 hour, 90min or 2 hour in duration.

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Payments can be made over the phone.

All major credit and debit accepted.

I traveled to Vermont in 2008. Falling in love with the landscape and the people I put down roots and established my Massage Therapy practice in the summer of 2009.

I understand the tolls life events can have on the body. I have personal experience being treated and treating many ailments, relieving pain symptoms at the source.

Throughout my Massage Therapy career, I have learned that no two sessions are alike. Everyone has their own set of life experiences and a unique relationship to their body, which deeply affects their personal Massage Therapy style preferences and needs. This understanding has enabled me to utilize my training and extensive life experience to tailor each Massage Therapy session to the needs of my clients.

I love blending styles and using the tools I know to better fit the needs of my clients. From treatment oriented bodywork including (but not limited to) Deep Tissue Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Hot Stone Massage to more of the soothing, relaxing Swedish Massage with fluid stretching, range-of-motion and accessing a more energy based multi layered energetic balancing.”

“Being a Practitioner of Massage Therapy is not just a job, for me it’s an Art.”
“I believe that when we as people under go stress and physical trauma toxins can build up in the cells of our bodies. These toxins add dysfunction to the cellular memory of the body creating imbalances and pain. The physical manipulation Therapeutic Massage provides can help the body move those toxins out of the body utilizing its natural cleansing possesses so that a more profound healing can begin.” –Anthony Pauly Jr MT

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