Anthony has been the best Spiritual Advisor I’ve had for well over four years. The quality of his treatments always helps me feel so much better after. I had shoulder surgery several years ago, and the gentle attentiveness he brought into the sessions helped my healing process speed along. He knows just how much pressure to apply and always finds the sore spots. I recommend him to anyone that has had injuries like mine.

P.S. He does home visits. Its so nice not to have to drive afterword.

—Kesta J, Monkton Vermont.

November 2010

Anthony, the Male Female balancing class was wonderful. I would have been happy to sit in discussion for a long time. We had a great group & you sparked the mind with your incite.Thank you from the heart.

Great stuff, —Christy Morgan, VT

July 20, 2010
Dear Anthony,
I have to just tell you while it is fresh in my mind that your poem to your mother which is on your web-site touched my soul completely. I felt as though it was everything that I wish that I could say to my own mother-written perfectly. The honesty that I felt you expressed has entered a special place in my heart and helped me to begin to heal and also to prepare some words for my own mother- a conversation that is long overdue. I have always felt that I am here to help her heal as well and I have always prayed that the burden of pain and anguish she is feeling be lifted from her as we are all but simply- sparks of light in our current human form.
Blessed be my brother and peace be always with you.
~Amy—Jewelry Designer, Burlington VT

I have known and been guided by Anthony for over five years now. During this time he has consistently presented deep connections and offered me incredible insights out of my seemingly chaotic and vast dreams and life situations.  His intuitive abilities allow him to assist you equally whether in the same room with you, or on opposite ends of the country. This coupled with his experience and mastery of his own dream time has advanced him into a master at asking that just right question.  His preciseness of questions lead you on an inner journey of self discovery, taking you places you’ve never been, allowing you to grow and heal on levels you never thought possible in such a short period of time.

I have been on a strong spiritual path for most of my adult life.  I have knowledge, practice and abilities of my own in various esoteric and indigenous traditions. Despite this experience, Anthony unfailingly provides guidance and counsel with a deep level of integrity, love, and humor.  I am very grateful and honored to know him as my friend and as my teacher.


Anthony Pauly is truly a Shaman, a Teacher and a friend. He spends his time half in this realm and half in the astral realm. He has a passion for life and loves to help others see the magic of life for themselves. He loves working with children and children love Anthony because he can see the world through their eyes. I recommend Anthony and his classes to everyone. Take a class and see for yourself! Anthony is very special!
–Julie Bishop Skagit County Community
College Union President, WA

–Pamela Mariast Ocupational Therapist, FL


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