Marriage of Self to Self
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The Marriage Self to Self
Dear Friendship You woke up this morning dreams still in your chest.
Feeling the same old feelings you are looking for something new.
Why when I walk or sit, do I feel as if I lean more to one side?
When my eyes are closed?
Some time ago did you realize that something felt like a whole inside?
As if someone wasn’t there?
It must have been powerful when you could see that the “someone,” was a part of you?
That he or she was you. “A me.”
All our lives we look out into the world for someone to be joy for us, our Goddess or God.
And indeed we do find joy interacting with lovers, friends, family, and our children.
But how many tears have fallen onto the pages of our life, when time washes them away.
Still we crave. Crying lonely in the night. Tear puddles are our companions.
Coming over when there is no other. Lighting candles for warmth of heart.
This simple truth finds us even if we won’t give her a name.
When there is no one else and all else has gone away.
We must face ourselves, that other half of us.
We can’t run away from Me.
One day I woke from a dream and I knew the name of my own Femininity.
Her name (is) Caroline, she is made of Spirit and light. She likes to wear masks.
I have seen her looking through the eyes of many of my teachers.
She is not manifest, but is in fact the aspect of myself that is female.
It was in these dreams that she and I were married to each other.
It was a marriage of self to self.
My physical maleness unified and united to my feminine spirituality.
It was because of the love for Caroline who is myself, that I learned how to sing the song of light.
If you are a woman what is the name of your maleness?
If you are a man what is the name of your femininity?
Who is this Goddess or God within you that cries to be heard?
Do you remember that you are your greatest teacher, that no one will ever love you as much as you can love yourself?
When you wake up in the morning how many days of each year are you in love with yourself.
I have had more days than I can count where I have forgotten to feel this kind of love.
More days in fact, of no love than days with it. Is this familiar to you?
I must be clear that conceitedness is not the same as Self Love.
Self Love is seeing the divine within your very life force, connecting you with all things.
Seeing in this way is wisdom not pride.
If your wish is to find balance in the world between the male and the female, as a seeker you must first recognize and create a space within you for this birth to happen.
Only when it is within will it manifest in the world.
Today let us talk and dream our wisdom into being.
Let us all, even us men nourish the womb so that the child of light within can be born.
For us to grow spiritually we must as individuals learn this art.
As a world of people we must become very direct and forward about this reality.
There is no place else to run, we must unify or this dream will end.
I truly feel that we will succeed even if it does not look that way.
Spirit can not be destroyed. We are made of Spirit, so what dose that say?
To all of you that are also me I love you.

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