Fat Yellow Cat
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My Best Friend is Was Fat Yellow Cat
I woke up one morning and I lay in my bed day dreaming. The rain on roof was dripping onto the patio creating a staccato drum beat. I was relaxed and remembering the dream that had awoken me. I dreamed that I was playing with a large white cat. He looked like Snow and that was his name. I had seen him five days before at the shelter. I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether to take him home with me that day. Snow had crawled onto my shoulder as if that was the place to rest. That day five days before he suckled on my ear, begging me to listen to his spirit. I left him there undecided. Sadly when I came back he had already been chosen and went home with someone else. Feeling bad I looked around at all the other feline tenants and wondered. I stood looking as a fat yellow cat came up to me reached up and placed his paws on my leg. There he stretched full length and purred. I knew he was the one and I took him home that day not wanting to lose this one also. That night as I sat meditating on my floor the fat yellow cat came and curled up in my lap. He stayed there and in my heart for seven years. One day I came home from work and found my best friend dying in the dirt. His body covered in dirt mud and dry grass. He was so damaged and so broken I could not at first tell what it was that I was seeing. There in my car the realization hit me. It was my fat yellow cat. He had been hit on the road and for some unknown reason he had dragged himself home. He lay there in pain and loyalty waiting for me before he would die. Running inside my home I grabbed up a towel to wrap him and keep him warm. His crying was terrible my touch the only thing that soothed his agony. I had to drive him to the vet as fast as I could, taking my hand off him to steer the car. Each time my touch left him he would howl, and my heart would sink. My best friend left me that day and I was sinking in guilt, for not being in the emergency room with him. He was gone and now I had an empty form with no spirit to bury. Time passed and he came and dreamed with me. I missed him so much it hurt and he gave me such joy to remember about that fat yellow cat. Now the other day I dreamed him again but he was gray and white and a girl. I went out a few days later to the farm up the road. A small fat grey kitten came up to me and looked me in the eye. I saw his eyes looking back at me and knew that my friend had come back to me. I had a little dream and her name is Dream. She and I dream together just as we always have.

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