Dreaming Goddess of Water and of Fire
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Dreaming With the Goddess of Water and of Fire

Dreaming With the Goddess of Water and of Fire

It is cool outside and the air is beginning to speak of fall and the time of sleep to come.

Life is moving quickly to horde away its food stores and sap.

I can hear the dripping of dew and condensation from the metal roof of the house I live in.

It has been raining slowly all night and the earth is damp and rich, the sounds of the last few crickets and caydidids merge with those of the frogs and toads. Reaching my ears and lulling me to sleep.

It was late last night that I finally fell into slumber after having lusty thoughts pass through my mind mixing with the cogitations of the media and news I had devoured during the day.

My body was tired as was my mind as I lay there drifting away. I had worked so much through the day striving to get the odds and ends done so that they could be finished and my awareness of their unfinished agendas would come to be rested.

With this field of energy around me I went into the unknown and I began to dream.

My dreams were vast and oh so mixed up. Images and landscapes merged with my interacting consciousness to and for experiences that I would scarcely remember on waking.

At the time in the dream as it washed over me and I was consumed by it the things I saw before seemed all important, each one more so than the last.

Then out of someplace hidden and unknown to me I saw a glimmer of warmth and a glow of luminescence.

I moved towards it in a way were there was no movement. It was as if I had dissolved into being present in that place. I had dissolved into having a form and a body I could feel.

I was dissolved and formulated at the same time, what kind of a feeling experience could this have been?

As the glowing light warmth grew to encompass the vastness before me it filled the whole horizon of my periphery.

It was as if I was looking at an ocean of warmth and suppleness… Then it began to move…

Ripples of sound bounced off the surface of this ocean of warmth and rocked it like the wind.

That is when I realized that I was looking out onto an ocean of water, far more vast than any I could have imagined. It was a universe of water before me as if the very spirit of water’s vastness had come to meet me at the shore of some sandy beach that was outside of any world that was made physical.

I felt the presence of great power here and I instinctively knew that I needed to find a place of respect and receptivity.

When I found it the water began to change. The warmth was becoming a great heat. The water was beginning to boil like the surface of the sun. The water the wettest substance in my world was on fire.

Water and fire had merged and had entered into me and filed me with its self. Or was it always that way and I had never noticed it until now?

That feeling inside of me reached out and began to interact with the vast waters and the waves of enflamed water began to grow and rise up. The height of them was astounding and I was almost moved to great fear.

I had a sense that I was dreaming so the fear never took hold as it may have should I have been in my physical body. In my dream I knew without having to think it, that there was no harm that could come to me from any of what I was seeing. Yet I was excited by the waves and my emotions stirred.

The waves grew wilder and larger reaching heights into the sky that seemed to touch the threshold of space itself! The stars reached down with their beams and rays and added their songs to the fire water that danced in wild powerful untameable torrents before me.

Then before my eyes as if I was in some science fiction movie with great effects one wave in the water began to create form from itself. Streaming up into the sky river like it formed a massive pillar of liquid currents and fire.

Watching it I could feel the power of conciseness emanating from it. I could feel how alive it was. I knew it was greatness, a manifestation of power itself.

Then as I was exploring my connectedness to it there out of the pillar I began to see the outlines of shapely legs and knees. These were the legs of a woman not a man. These were the legs of a Goddess of great significance and dignity.

Before me her body formed and then as it did so the waters of fire moved to clothe her in streaming vestments and robes. The wind began to blow fiercely now and it seemed that it would tear her apart but it too merged with the power of this Dreaming Goddess and it pressed her robes against her as if she had been a priestess standing in her delicate white garments out in a storm.

She was drenched from head to toe and the wind plastered the vestments to her form so firmly that I could see every contour of the monolith that she was.

The view of my eyes began to move up her form as if I was straining to look up into a giant tree, starting from the roots to the highest branches.

I chose, (because I knew I needed to), to turn off my usual sensual responses. She was so lovely in a way I could not comprehend that I knew if I gave way to my desires I would be destroyed by this.

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I scanned past absorbing every fine detail of the movements of the water within her. She was, despite the fact that she was clothed, transparent. All the fire around her in and on the ocean waves reflected trough her and from within her. This was all beyond my comprehensions and imaginings.

Then as my awareness moved up the trunk of her body I could see with no need for imagination the shape of her vulva with the garments pressed to her there. I could see the shadow in the fold of her skin. Still I held to my place of inner silence and witness. My emotions did not betray me to a fool’s death.

Higher yet my eyes moved and I could see her rippling strong abdomen and belly. The whole of the universe was alive inside of her and she dreamed it the as a great light. Radiating out in every direction like a falling star’s beams, the rays of it hitting me in the eyes past the splashing waves and water allowed the shaft of luminance to pass in my direction.

It felt to be a kaleidoscope of strobe pulses effecting changes in me. Her light was affecting the light inside of me; there was no real sense of disconnection. I felt I was a part of her even though I was looking at her.

Then I looked even past this area of her belly and I could see her breasts and her lungs as she breathed in the universe around her. She breathed in the sky the water and the fire of the stars. All of it adding to her power and vitality.

That is when I looked up into her eyes and face. My passions at this moment could not be quelled any longer. Her eyes were just too much to ignore. I felt for just a second desire for her, and with that she swung the flaming sword she held in her left hand towards me with one arm. The sash of fire and water she held in her right hand bellowed and blew infinitely around and past her in the wind. Without a moment’s hesitation this Goddess had killed me with her power on all levels.

I was awake in my bed and it was still dark out. I lay there alone wondering about the Dreaming Goddess who had just killed me.


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