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Seeing the World with Soft Eyes: Philosophies & Awareness in the Bee Yard @ Call for address and directions.
Jul 9 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Introductory Beekeeping Class. 1 of 5


Click here to preregister.

Preregistration and a payment  of $20 is mandatory in order to participate.

For the safety of all participants a basic bee suit and hive tools is mandatory. You can bring your own or order one $45 via my website by following this link.


Beekeeping has been a part of human civilization for 7000 years of known recorded history, but likely much longer. Beekeeping is a sacred art that has brought joy and healing to countless generations.


In this first workshop we will cover basic foundational concepts, philosophies, & facts that a beekeeper needs to know before they even step into the apiary.

  • Emotional self-awareness & how it improves your relationship to your bees.
  • Fundamental approaches on how to interact with bees.
  • Honey Bee psychology, (The Collective Mind of the bee hive).
  • Seeing the world with soft eyes, (This is a technique to help quite the mind for deeper receptivity and communication with your bees).
  • Honey Bee facts and info. (There is much to cover too much for one class.)Together we will open the door to a partnership with our bees.
  • For more info, visit or call Anthony at 802-324-5769. Registration & Pre-payment required.

Note: notebook & pen.

If you don’t have hive tools and a bee suit you can preorder a starter set from Anthony The cost is $45. Includes a waist up bee suit with veil, hive tool, bee brush, and gloves.

You must have the proper tools to work with the bees. Contact me if you have questions.