Anthony’s Shamanic Healing Practice

“Shamanic Guidance, Intuitive Readings,
Dream Interpretation, & Energetic Realignment.

$60 per Hour. Payment needs to be made in advance of appointments.

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Phone Sessions & In Person Sessions at my office in Stowe or at your VT home can include:

  • Shamanic Guidance.

  • Relationship Advice.

  • Dream Guidance & Interpretation,

  • Nightmares, Repetitive Dreams,

  • Meaning of Symbology,

  • Difficulty Dreaming or Remembering Dreams.

  • Communicating with Spirit Guides.

  • Energetics Based Prayer,

  • movement towards personal development and healing.
    The Shamanic GuIntuitive Counseling,

  •  Life Coaching,

  • Chakra Balancing,

  •  Luminous Field Clearing,

  •  Guided Meditation,

  •  Positive Manifestation Imagery.

    I want to help you find answers for your questions.

Combined Shamanic and Massage Therapy Sessions:

Northern VT only. Duration & Rates Vary Based on Treatment Specifications:

  • Part 1 of combo session is a 60 min Massage Therapy Treatment.

  • Part 2 is Shamanic Guidance or Healing. Standard Duration is 60min; but can be longer if desired.

Unify the benefits of the hands on body work, to clear cellular memory and toxins, improving your idance segment may incorporate aspects of the modalities listed above, leading you to a more balanced state of being.


Discover if Shamanic Healing is for You.

I have experience in many areas that involve what may be considered spiritual matters such as, Premonitions, Precognition, Seeing of Spirits, Communications with Animal Totems or Guides, Reading Auras, Past Lives, & much more.

  • Do you find yourself still angry about an event in your distant past?

  • Do you feel as if you don’t have a connection that is strong with the divine?

  • Are the people in your life trying to hold you back from living your life in a sacred way?

  • Do you feel that you are alone on your path and feel like you just cant go another step?

  • Do you sometimes believe you are being energetically attacked?

  • Do you have a past relationship that is still draining you energetically?

  • Are you awakening spiritually and need advice?

If so I can help you put that relationship behind you, find solutions for those other issues so that healing can come into you life bringing peace of mind & a lessening of fear, doubt, anxiety or resentment. If you are just beginning to explore your spiritual life, I would very much, like to help you find answers.

You deserve to find peace and love in your life.

“It is my conviction that all people are deserving of joy and happiness. Regardless of what you may believe about yourself or your self doubts you can have that joy if you desire it enough. Although at moments the path may hurt more that it seems it should, sometimes we must walk through the pain & face our fears to get to a place where the joy lives within us. It is my sincere desire to be of service to you. If you have questions & want help looking for answers please contact me, so that we can set up a phone or in person appointment.

I would love to talk to you.
With Much Love
Anthony P Pauly Jr


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