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 2022 Overwintered Nucleus Honey Bee Colonies.

Because of the Unprecedented Cold Weather All New Orders Will Be Paused Till After May 8th. I have been able to deliver some of the earlier orders that where placed however the remaining nucs need more time to build up. Some of the ones I released currently where a bit lighter on brood than I would have liked and I don’t want to have weak nuc’s delivered. The last two years, that I have been selling nuc’s, after restarting my business on this coast, (I used to live in VT), the weather was very helpful and things where farther ahead that I normally would have anticipated.

In light of the challenging conditions this year I have learned some hard lessons about beekeeping in Washington. Going forward in the coming years I’m going to anticipate undesirable weather and assume that I will not plan to release nuc’s until after the first week of May.

My apologies for the additional delays this year.

This is an agricultural industry. We often times, find ourselves at the mercy of the weather. I will have more Nucs available when the weather gets better, for now I’m focusing on the orders I already have.

To Be Added to my Wait List give me a call 802-324-5769. Thank you for your understanding.

Orders will be released and or delivered to the drop off locations in the order they where received.

I will also have Jars of Honey Available 3lb jars $30

and 3 year old Duke Highbush Blueberry Bushes. $10 each plant. Or Buy 10 plant get 2 Free for $100

Because of the unprecedented wet spring. In my area we have gotten 5-6+ inches of rain in the moth of March alone. We have also been getting a few frosts at night here. the Nucs are developing a bit slower than I had hoped. I want them to go out strong with good brood numbers and healthy laying pattern. My original hope was to release them the first or second week of April, its now looking prudent to wait till the last week of April.

Group #2 Olympic Peninsula Bemerton/Bainbridge/Port Angeles orders will be available 2nd or 3rd week of May depending on the condition of the Nuc’s. Exact Date to be announced. 


Call me for details & to be added to the wait list. 802-324-5769

 $185 + .05% Card Fee

If you wish to pay by check or cash there is no card fee.

These will be 5 Frame Deep Nucleus Colonies in Corrugated transfer boxes.

 Be sure to give me your full contact info when you order. Full Name, Mailing Address, Cell Phone, email. I will have a detailed list of the drop off sites soon.

Thank You, for shopping my store.

honey bee nucleus colonies

2022 Honey Bee Nucleus Colonies