Successful Beekeeper Apprenticeships

Honey Bee keeping Classes

Successful Beekeeper Apprenticeships

Successful Beekeeper Apprenticeships.

By Anthony Pauly @ The Shaman’s Touch Apiaries:

Classes held @ my bee yard in Calais VT & several other locations to be announced.

Class investment $250.

Apprenticeship is a great way to learn any Art. You can learn how to be a successful backyard Beekeeper with a full season of essential skills.

It is my honor to help you explore the world of the Sacred Honey Bee. ~~Anthony


This Apprenticeship Program will cover foundational concepts, information, philosophies.

It will run from Mid-April until Late Fall. Classes will be held @ least once per weekend, (dates to be announced as classes fill up). Individual schedules may be negotiable. Variations apply.

  • Program Will Cover A Full Warm Weather Season Of Beekeeping.
  • Hands On Fully Interactive All Weather Beekeeping.
  • Fundamental Interactive Approaches for Healthy Hives.
  • Honey Bee Facts, Hive Management.
  • The Honey Bee Life Cycle, Queen Rearing.
  • Parasite Control, Swarm Mitigation.
  • Seasonal practices & Preparation, Honey Extraction.


Together we will open the door to a partnership with our bees.

Students are responsible for suppling their own Beekeeping Equipment & Tools.

Equipment and protective clothing is available for purchase.

For more info Email Anthony.

Att: Additional price info. For simplicities sake, it has been requested that I specify how the program breaks down.

For the fee of $250. Starting the third week of April each apprentice will be allocated a maximum of 24 days once per week. Until the first week October 2017. It is the responsibility of the apprentice to schedule with me the days they can be mentored. If a Failure to set dates in advance occurs there will be no make up days for days missed. As in life there may be unforeseen complications that prevent me from being available, (Weather, health, ect…).
I will do my best to accommodate in those situations, if circumstances allow. All sales are final. There will be no refunds in part or whole regardless of circumstances. A written request for cancelation of apprenticeship notice must be received in writing by April 15. By registering for the class and making the payment you acknowledge you have read and understand these terms.

Honey Bee Hive Removal Video by The Shamans Touch Apiary

Swarm Capture Video by The Shaman's Touch Apiary